Simcity Buildit Provides A Smooth Learning Curve In Facing Obstacles

I was overwhelmed at the simplicity of Simcity Buildit and the learning curve it provided to me to avoid obstacles, effective management of my resources which led to several other benefits. I found that the mechanisms or systems of gameplay to be well spaced so that I was not overburdened with them. Given a chance to learn the existing ones, I found it very easy to deal with the new ones. The spacing out of the unlocking features in the game, which I also thought for monetization reasons, provided me a lot of time to learn about all the systems and mechanics.

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I found that the core of the gameplay in Simcity Buildit is highly re-playable and I was often asked to execute the same loops repeatedly. I found it to be very effective and useful to me as I could spend a considerable amount of time with the same contents which increased my power to overcome the progression blockers. During the unlocking, a lot of things happened which kept things more interesting. I learned that breadcrumbing the players in the early stages of the game to be very helpful in keeping them engaged. It also helps them to show the full feature of the game. I could slow down things a little bit once I could get a player hooked.

When I played Simcity Buildit, I did not start with a prejudice that the game would be very easy, and I will easily complete all the stages and emerge as the winner. The technique that I followed, which I learned after losing and destroying my city a couple of times, was to take a level at a time and aim to complete each stage at a time. I found that having a clear and measurable goal in each level gave me enough to look forward. It helped me a lot especially on those levels where I knew what elements of the game are connected to complete a level successfully.

I learned that unlocking any new content or any mechanics can be slower if I spend more time by increasing my involvement in unlocking previous contents. This increases the number systems with which I could interact with and also the complexity of the existing mechanics over time. It meant that I could spend more time with the different aspects of the game as I progressed further in the Simcity Buildit game.

The most important thing I learned while playing the game is the management of my resources so that I could advance to the game easily. I had to generate income in the form of taxes paid by my citizens and had to keep the happiness level high all the time at any cost. For this, I had to upgrade the residential structures, maintain the public utility services and deal with other emergencies. For all this, I needed a lot of money. Though I earned a lot from taxes, I also sold off excess stock in the trade depot, checked my imports and also used the simcity buildit hack to generate enough resources.

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